A day in a Meadows Nursery for children offers a variety of play based activities which support their development and create a fun environment.  All Meadows’ Nurseries operate similar schedules and curriculums relevant to age group. The Nursery Day is split into AM and PM sessions during which children are engaged in a number of activities.

Each session follows a routine which typically includes:

Art and Craft using a wide variety of materials for collage, painting, drawing, modelling and three dimensional craftwork. Cookery, nature study, dance/drama, and gardening. Free play using books, puzzles, home corner, dressing-up, role play, sand/water, small world and construction equipment, toys that stimulate cognitive development. Nature table and musical instruments.  Structured group activities, the emphasis being on language development, logic ordering, sound, colour, tactile, shape and pattern discrimination. Introduction to early numeracy skills using familiar objects, phonological awareness and understanding of print. Pencil skills using a variety of writing tools.

Clicking on the relevant age group below will provide examples of activities children are engaged in.

While working to the same overall objectives, our teaching teams will also adapt daily schedules as opportunities of interest arise, such as, snowy days, holidays & festivities. Having the flexibility to adapt the schedule also enables our teams to support individual learning journeys.

Regular consultations are held between our teaching team and parents/guardians to discuss the progress of children. If you would like to learn more about our schools and our teaching methods please don’t hesitate to contact one of our schools who will happily provide you with additional information.

The Meadows Nurseries are structured with a Kindergarten and Pre-School in each setting with classes split into three age groups:


Buttercups     1-2 yrs

Poppies          2-3 yrs


Bluebells        3-5 yrs